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The TXT realm, as a space for reflection, is of crucial importance given the nature of digital art, which viewers used to contemporary art still find difficult to understand. Therefore it seems essential to establish a library, generated by red(e).ib itself, with theoretical reflections that help understand and embrace digital genres and contribute to the need to educate people about this art form and disseminate the Ibero-American languages. We are inaugurating this space with a text by José Luis Brea, intended as a heartfelt tribute, and another by Eduardo Navas.
Number zero of the red(e).ib network journal
TXT.ib every six months will reflect the TXT Space activity, the theoretical channel of the red(e). Ib network.

Some Scattered Thoughts on the Web
by José Luis Brea
Surely, what is most absolutely unique to the Web is that it offers a totally unprecedented conversational situation. It does not involve speech – even in spoken chat rooms, the words in one's own voice are mediated by a deflector which synthesises them - and because of that... [more]
The Framework of Culture: Remix in Music, Art, and Literature
by Eduardo Navas
We live in a time when the self-awareness of recycling of material and immaterial things is almost taken for granted. I state almost because, as the following analysis demonstrates, the potential of recycling as a creative act in what we refer to as remix is in constant friction with cultural production. ... [more]